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GLBTRT Web Committee Report - Annual 2016

ALA GLBTRT Web Committee Report (Annual Conference 2016)


          Highlights of the year include releasing the Open To All toolkit during Peter Coyle’s presentation at the PLA conference in Denver. As well as the Advocacy Committee’s additions of “Reading Guides” for the GLBT Book Month page.

Completed Activities

  • Anthony D. Wright worked tirelessly to keep the GLBTRT pages up-to-date and error free including:
  • Implementing content updates from the Resources Committee for the Professional Tools page,
  • Adding new resources from the Resources Committee,
  • Fixing dead or broken links with the help of Cat Walker for the Professional Tools page,
  • Updating the Stonewall Book Awards page,
  • Adding the “Reading Guides” to the GLBT Book Month page, and
  • Adding and releasing the new Open To All toolkit on the Professional Tools page.
  • John Amundsen (our ALA guru) created new slides for the Open To All toolkit and for the GLBT Book Month and added them to the slide menu on GLBTRT main page.
  • John Amundsen worked with Anthony D. Wright and Peter Coyle to ensure the press release and toolkit Open For All was released on time during the PLA Conference.
  • John Amundsen also implemented changes which required editing rights Web Committee members did not have.
  • Ruth Compton cleaned up all the references to the Rainbow Project Committee and it’s variations to reflect the name change of the committee to Rainbow Book List Committee.
  • Ruth Compton removed all the remaining links to the MySpace account which no longer exists.
  • Ruth Compton converted the Google Sheets “Reading Guides” created by the Advocacy Committee into a readable pdf file that Anthony D. Wright added to the June Book Month page.
  • Ruth Compton scanned the GLTF Newsletter Vol. 2, no.1 – no.2, Fall & Winter 1989 and added it to the News Back Issues Index.
  • Ruth Compton updated plugins, themes, and WordPress for the GLBTRT News, Reviews, Over The Rainbow, and Rainbow blogs.
  • Ruth Compton put together the Google Analytic reports for the GLBTRT main site, the News blog, the Over The Rainbow Book blog, the Rainbow Book blog, and the Reviews blog.
  • Ruth Compton updated the GLBTRT’s LibraryThing account with Stonewall Book Award winners, the Rainbow Book List, and Over the Rainbow Book List for 2016.

Upcoming Work

  • Create webpage for new standing Advocacy Committee - contact Tessa Goldwasser (the Chair).
  • Work with relevant committees to transition the final two RT blogs to responsive themes.
  • Review and update committee documentation. Post information in ALA Connect and possibly wind down Google Sites Procedure Manual.
  • Review the SEO settings for the RT webpages.
  • Investigate and resolve an encoding issue on the RT blogs (older posts are effected and may have to do with ALA’s upgrade from WordPress 3.x to 4.1).
  • Update webforms and blog accounts based on new committee rosters after the ALA Annual Conference.
  • Un-publish June-specific feature slides in July. Should there be access to the “Reading Guides” throughout the year and not just on the GLBT Book Month page?
  • Prepare Google Analytic Reports for the website and four blogs before the 2017 Midwinter Meeting.

Committee Staffing

  • Nathan Thomas will become committee chair after the ALA Annual Conference.

Committee Roster

  • Ruth Ann Compton (Chair, July 1, 2015, to July 31, 2016)
  • Ellen Armstrong (Member, July 1, 2014, to June 30, 2016)
  • Anthony D. Wright De Hernandez (Member, July 1, 2015, to June 30, 2017)
  • Paige Mano (Member, July 1, 2014, to June 30, 2016)
  • Eddie Rubiez (Member, July 1, 2014, to June 30, 2016)
Ana Elisa De Campos Salles's picture

Huge congratulations and an even bigger THANK YOU to Ruth, Ellen, Anthony, Paige, and Eddie. You are all to be commended on the fabulous work you´ve been doing as part of Web Committee. It´s work like yours that keeps the GLBTRT relevant, visible, and accessible in all the good ways. Thank you!


Ana Elisa

Ana Elisa de Campos Salles

Director-at-large, GLBT Round Table Executive Board
Spectrum Advisory Committee
2011 ALA Spectrum Scholar
2013 ALA Emerging Leader