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Notes from ALA Annual 2016 Committee meeting, Sunday, June 26

CaMMS Recruitment and Mentoring Committee Annual Meeting

Sunday, 26 June 2016, 8:30 – 9:30 am, Rosen Centre, Salon 3/4

Members present: Morag Boyd (chair), Chris Dieckman, Jeannette Ho (incoming member), Sarah Hovde, Jennifer Liss (note-taker), Lisa Robinson, Nicole Smeltekop, Stacie A. Traill

Guests: Adam Baron, Luiz Mendes (CaMMS Executive Committee)

Agenda and documents: http://connect.ala.org/node/254032

Welcome and introductions

Sarah has agreed to serve as incoming chair and interns Chris and Nicole are rolling on a full members on July 1! Welcome, all new members.

Old business: Summary of ALCTS e-forum on the topic of "Career Progression in Cataloging and Metadata" scheduled for February (Stacie Traill and Lisa Robinson)

Lisa and Stacie submitted a summary of the e-forum to ALCTS News. Donna Frederick highlighted themes of the e-forum in her write up for Library Hi Tech News.

E-forum organizers sent survey responses to Stacie and Lisa—comments were favorable.

Themes from the e-forum included concern about mid-late career progression for catalogers who aren't interested in management; "anxiety" that the word "metadata" in job titles/descriptions entails additional burden of technological skills that many catalogers don't currently possess. A possible e-forum might address ways to transition from cataloging work to management/leadership work and metadata specialization. Another suggestion was an e-forum on millennials supervising baby boomers.

Stacie and Lisa shared some general thoughts on e-forum moderating: be prepared with questions for each day but be flexible to run in any direction that participants seem interested in; might consider whether to post questions for each up front; other e-forums had help from committee members, who'd chime in when discussion lagged (this was seen as potentially problematic—concern that committee participation during e-forum might silence other voices); recommended wording questions in a conversational (rather than academic) way. Stacie and Lisa pointed out that getting on the e-forum schedule took several months.

Old business: Profiling metadata and cataloging professionals to expose variety of career options. See attached questions and email to solicit volunteers (Chris Dieckman)

Chris prepared a questionnaire to be sent to those who volunteer to have career profiles made about them. Questions about the volunteer questionnaire, to whom the questionnaire should be sent (highlight cataloging work for all kinds of institutions), where the profiles will be published (ALCTS News but where would they be archived in one place?), and the timeline were discussed.

Chris and Stacie will edit the questionnaire and have a new draft for the committee to review by August 8. Edits suggested during the meeting: stress that all questions are optional—volunteers may focus on questions for which they have the most to say. Add questions: Are you involved in ALCTS? How has ALCTS helped you?

Recruiting profile volunteers: target specific people + invite participation from special communities (Stacie and Jeannette are present/past OLAC officers). Shana McDanold will send announcement to ALCTS leaders list. RBMS. PLA Tech Services group.

CaMMS Exec is interested in profiling members for other applications (mentoring, etc.). Luiz suggested tasking one member of RMC to keep abreast of what ALCTS-level committees are doing. Reach out to ALCTS IGs. RMC will keep Exec in the loop as this effort develops.

New business: Discussion of the program "Mentoring Demystified" on Saturday, June 25, 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM, Orange County Convention Center, Room S320 E-F

Program by ALCTS Leadership Development Committee with co-sponsors Library Leadership and Management Association (LLAMA), the ALA New Members Round Table (NMRT), and the ALCTS New Members Interest Group (ANMIG) (program announcement: http://connect.ala.org/node/253907). This program discusses the report, "Establishing an ALCTS Mentoring Program", which mentions past work of the RMC in Appendix A.

Committee wondered how the work of the ALCTS-level Leadership Development Committee's Mentoring Subcommittee (charge of the Subcommittee) intersects with the work of CaMMS RMC. Mentoring Subcommittee's charge includes a mentor-mentee matching program (much as this committee had once supported at the CaMMS level). Survey found that a significant number of mid-career librarians expressed interest mentoring. LLAMA has mentoring resources that may be suited to mid-career librarians.

Bobby Bothmann will take this back to CaMMS Executive Committee.

RMC was interested in seeing the final draft (expected to be finished before the Midwinter 2017 meeting) of the Core Competencies for Cataloging Professionals, which might help in defining focus areas for mentoring efforts. The first draft is available for comment until July 31.

New business: How can we facilitate practicum/internships/etc.?

This agenda item originated from a discussion with Allyson Carlyle, cataloging educator at UW iSchool. She asked whether this committee could consider supporting a central website for helping current/recent MLIS students find practicums and internships in cataloging.

This might be another topic to explore in an e-forum.

New business: Invitation to the floor

Items RMC might explore in the future:

  • Identify other ALCTS groups that are pursuing similar work; some of our members might attend their meetings?
  • Can we collaborate with others to create a CaMMS "welcome packet"? Nicole will be serving on the ALCTS Membership Committee. Can RMC tap into ALCTS 101?
  • Suggestion to follow what the Continuing Education Committee is working on