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Addendum to the Constitution & Bylaws Committee 2016 AC agenda

I have attached an addendum to the C&B Committee agenda.  It asks if one provision of the Bylaws is clear enough.  The addendum document is attached and, for convenience, the full text of that addendum appears below:

ALA Bylaws, Article III, Section 1.e: states:

No person may be nominated for or serve on the Council unless that person is a personal member of the American Library Association; no candidate may accept nomination from more than one group.

Does this need to be revised?  Is the meaning of the second clause clear?

There have been rare instances in which a member has submitted a petition to be a candidate for an at-large seat on the ALA Council and in that same year accepted nomination as a Council candidate to represent a division or a round table.  In the most recent case, that member won both the at-large election and the division election and chose to represent the division.  Another scenario is that a member accepts the Nominating Committee’s invitation to be a candidate for an at-large seat and also accepts nomination as a candidate for a division or round table Council seat.

The question is:  Is this clear enough?  If not, what revision of this provision of the Bylaws would be clearer?  What can prevent someone who is not well versed in the ALA Bylaws from accepting or pursuing a nomination from more than one source?

Jim Rettig

Chair, ALA Constitution & Bylaws Committee

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Yes- This is unclear, especially if we think it covers a member being nominated by a group and then self nominating for a Councilor-at-large position. If said person was nominated by ALA Nominating and had already been nominated by a group (with either being first) then it seems to be covered by the current Section.

Steve Matthews

Currier Library
Foxcroft School
Middleburg, Va. 20118