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ALA Annual Meeting 2016 Agenda

Hello all-

Here is the draft agenda, along with our committee charge and meeting date/location. Please review and let me and/or Sherri know if you have any corrections. Thanks and see you all soon!

In 7.0 the item refers to the IT External Review report, which is very important to be cure to review and bring comments and questions to the meeting. Here is a link to the report if needed- http://itts.ala.org/news/2016/06/13/ala-external-it-review-report/

WAC Agenda
Please review the following draft agenda. If you have specific items you would like to add, please let me know before Wednesday, June 22. Additionally, please let me know if you are not able to attend the meeting at Annual. If you are unable to attend, please prepare a brief summary (no more than 1 page) of what your unit is doing with its web-space and any web- or Connect-related issues so that I can share that with the group. You can email that to me directly rblock@cuyahogalibrary.org or post it here in the comments.
Our meeting at Annual will be on Sunday, June 26 2016 from 3:00 PM-5:00 PM in Orange County Convention Center (OCCC) *room changed to S321*.
1.0 Update from Executive Board Liaison John DeSantis (10 min)
2.0 Administrative (10 min)
2.1 Today’s Goals
To update WAC on actions of the Executive Board and the ITTS group. To provide opportunity for members to update committee on web-space-related unit news. Please review our committee's charge (below).
2.2 Amendments to Agenda
2.3 Review/Approval of January 10 minutes
2.4 Announcements

3.0 Reports from WAC Members and Units (20 min)
Please be ready to (briefly) update WAC on what your unit is doing with its web-space. Please bring up any questions your unit has about its web-space or Connect-space.
4.0 ITTS Report to WAC (30 min)
5.0 Upcoming ALA Initiatives needing input from WAC (20 min)
5.1 ALA’s New Website Search Engine
5.2 Website Responsive Design
5.3 Elearning Ecommerce
6.0 Discussion about the Scope of the Committee Charge (15 min) 
7.0 Update on ALA IT External Review from ALA Executive Board Meetings (15)
8.0 Other New Business?
Our Charge:
•    To develop, review and recommend to council association policies for the ALA website.
•    To recommend editorial or structural guidelines for the ALA website.
•    To provide advice to the ALA executive director responsible for implementing such policies and guidelines.
•    To provide an ongoing channel for member communication by working closely with other units, committees and offices of the association.
•    To make recommendations concerning technical issues or changes to the ALA website, including evaluating, testing and implementing web-based products and services used by association members or by the public.
•    To advise the association on priorities and strategies that promote utilization and continued development of the ALA website.