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New Committee & IG Report Form

We're going to standardize our process for reporting, so we have two new forms for you to use.

Committee chairs, please use the new Committee and Task Force Report Form.

Interest group chairs, please use the new Interest Group Report Form.

When you submit your report, it will be sent to the President, Vice President, immediate Past President, and me (the Executive Director). You'll also receive an email copy. You can then copy and paste your report into a discussion in your Connect group or PDF it as a file to post there. When you post your report in Connect, please be sure to make it public.

This is our first time standardizing using these forms, so I welcome your feedback about wording, fields that are missing, and any other suggestions.

Our new process will ask you to provide a report four times a year (February, May, September, and December). For example, you'll select the February date to report on what you've done since your December report. In the future, we'll send you an email reminder when it's time to fill out your next report.

Please go ahead and use this form now to provide your reports going into the 2016 Annual Conference, and don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions or encounter any problems.