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End of Year Report

Greetings to all!

Hard to believe how fast this year has passed!  Our work is done for the year.  Many thanks to those who will be leaving the committee, including our fearless co-chair, Alexa.  You have all done a marvelous job in assembling some of the best books for kids this year!  Pat yourselves on the back in congratulations.  The May report reflects all the work we completed since the December report -- we did alot!!

If you are in Orlando for ALA, be sure to stop by the ALSC Leadership meeting to say Hi to Alexa and me.  We love to put faces with names.  :)

Also, on a personal note, keep reading those great new 2016 books.  Let me know if you come across any that are exceptional.  I will move it up on my Mock Newbery List to read.  Send the title/author to me at stephanie.bange@wright.edu.

Best wishes for a fun Summer Reading 2016!

Alexa and Stephanie

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