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Preschool Services Discussion Group - ALA Annual 2016

Preschool Services Discussion Group

Sunday, June 26


Hyatt Regency Orlando, Room Rock Springs


ee Play & Creative Play Spaces in Library Settings.


Playtime and creative play spaces in the library – sounds great but how? Where? Can we afford it? What do we need? Where can we store things? Have suggestions, comments or concerns?

Join us as Kate Eckert and Sarah Stippich, both from Philadelphia libraries, will give us ideas for this unique and useful part of library service to children.  If you’d like to share materials with the group please bring at least 25 copies. 


Discussion Facilitator: Linda Ernst


PSDG Discussion Group Conveners:

Sue McCleaf Nespeca, Kid Lit Plus Consulting sue@kidlitplus.com

Linda Ernst, King County Library System lindaern@kcls.org