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ALA Annual 2016: ALCTS Technical Services Managers in Academic Libraries Interest Group meeting

Please come join us for the ALCTS Technical Services Managers in Academic Libraries IG meeting in Orlando!

The Technical Services Managers in Academic Libraries IG will meet Saturday morning, June 25, 8:30-10:00 a.m. in the Rosen Centre Hotel, Salon 01/02


We will have round table discussions of the following topics:

Statistics: What to Count, How, and Why?

Creating a TS Vision from the Larger Library Vision or Mission Statement

Recognizing and fostering leadership skills on all levels

Project management tools & techniques for TS managers

How to make administrators understand the importance of cataloging

How to seek new collaborative work, and what to do when things don't go well


Looking forward to seeing you in Orlando!


Nastia Guimaraes



Scott Phinney
TSMALIG Vice-Chair