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2016 Ethics Program SKITS

Below is the list of parts we need to have volunteers for. I've attached the skits that Jamie wrote for our program at 2016 Annual Conference: 

No Room at the Library: The Ethics of Diversity
Sunday, 6/26/16 @ 1:00-2:30 pm Orange County Convention Center, Room W105B

You can volunteer for more than one skit. We'll probably need actors to participate in more than one skit. 

For SKIT 1, we need 

  • Narrator - Kaetrena Kendrick
  • Librarian (female, wearing a headscarf) - Jamie Segno
  • Tween Patron - Steven Phalen
  • Parent - Mary Jane Santos

For SKIT 2, we need

  • Narrator - Kaetrena Kendrick
  • Librarian - Ivy Weir
  • Father - Scott Muir

For SKIT 3, we need

  • Narrator - Audra Caplan
  • Outreach Librarian - Steven Phalen
  • Library Director - Sara Dallas
  • Black-2-Front Event Coordinator - Mary Jane Santos

In the comments below, choose your part! 

Kaetrena Kendrick's picture

I'm happy to narrate for all skits!

Kaetrena Kendrick's picture

I'm happy to narrate for all skits!

Scott Muir's picture

I was a theatre major in school, but i was a lousy actor. however, i am willing to volunteer

Kristin Pekoll-IL (staff)'s picture

What part would you like Scott?

Scott Muir's picture

Just assign me to whatever role you need.  i can do the father if you like and another

Sara Dallas's picture

Happy to be a librarian in any of the skits ....



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Unfortunately, I have to present an award at another program at the same time as this. 


Rosanne Cordell

Jamie Segno (non-member)'s picture

Kristin, I will be at the program so feel free to assign me to any roles needed. Luckily, we basically just read our lines as we act them out, so not much time is needed to prepare ;)

Jamie Segno (non-member)'s picture

I can also bring some props to help the audience identify the players (in addition to the narrator setting up each scene). In the past, we had the librarians wear big nametags that said "Librarian" and I can make a "black-to-front" button for organization leader to wear. I don't have an actual habib, but I have a scarf that can be worn to cover one's head.

Steven Phalen's picture

Willing to play any role, but preferred roles:

Parent or Tween in 1

Librarian or Library Director in 3


Kristin Pekoll-IL (staff)'s picture

I edited the original post to include volunteer names next to specific parts. I still have a few open in case there are others who haven't gotten around to volunteering. If I don't have any new hands by tomorrow EOB I'll plug in some more duplicates. 

Ivy Weir (non-member)'s picture

I'll be the librarian in Skit #2 -- that takes care of everyone, right?

Kristin Pekoll-IL (staff)'s picture

We still need a parent in skit #1 and a black to front event coordinator in skit #3.