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Retired Members Round Table Wants You!

The Retired Members Round Table (RMRT) wants you!



Retired?  Thinking of retiring?  If so, membership in RMRT offers you an opportunity to stay active professionally.



  • Plans programs
  • Provides mentors to younger ALA members
  • Provides leadership development
  • Gives you the opportunity to renew past friendships and make new ones
  • Fosters lifelong professional involvement and networking
  • Encourages active engagement in ALA and the profession of librarianship.


For more information about RMRT visit:



To join, go to www.ala.org/membership/aladues and signup.  Due are a low $20.00/membership year. 


Don’t forget that if you are a retiree and have been an ALA member for at least 25 continuous years, you are eligible for a free lifetime ALA membership.  Contact ALA’s Member Services and they will arrange it for you.