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ALCTS Board Meeting Summary: April 11, 2016

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ALCTS Board of Directors – conference call

11 April 2016

Attending: Annie Peterson, Bobby Bothmann, Jeanne Harrell, Rebecca Mugridge, Santi Thompson, Vicki Sipe, Hannah Buckland, Erin Leach, Jim Dooley, Karla Strieb, Ann Marie Willer, Erin Boyd, Andy Hart, Shannon Tennant, Maria Collins, Michele Siekel, Keri Cascio, Norm Medeiros


The Board discussed the mentoring proposal developed by the Leadership Development Committee.  Some general thoughts included: 

  • The scope of the proposal is too narrowly focused on mentoring for leadership development.  As was discussed at Midwinter, the intent of an ALCTS mentoring program should be broader and inclusive of professional skills acquisition relating to the functional areas of ALCTS.
  • Some of the items in the charge will need to be in place before launch of the program, and should be noted accordingly.
  • There needs to be a strong evaluative component to the program so success can be easily and continually measured.
  • The CaMMS Recruitment and Mentoring Committee has been monitoring development of this proposal, and should be consulted before the division-level program is put in place.
  • What will differentiate the ALCTS Mentoring Program from other mentoring programs in ALA, both at the division and section levels?
  • Are there opportunities in the long term to collaborate with some of the existing mentoring programs offered by other divisions/parts of ALA? 

The Board discussed the stated goals of the program.  Some comments regarding these included: 

  • The need to broaden the goals beyond developing leadership skills.
  • The need to embed assessment points into the goals.
  • What is the intent of the last goal, to “provide networking opportunities?”  

Keri spoke to the requirements listed in the “Support needed from ALCTS” section of the proposal.  Her thoughts included: 

  • Most of the items noted in this section the ALCTS Office can readily supply, including GoToMeeting, a subcommittee listserv, and SurveyMonkey.
  • Marketing may require some effort from Office staff.
  • The issue of greatest concern regarding the requested items is a platform for mentor/mentee applications.  There is no software in place in ALA currently supporting the match process among those divisions (ACRL, LLAMA) that current administer mentoring programs.  Moreover, there’s no space in the ALCTS budget to fund proprietary software for this purpose.  There’s an outside chance that the successor to Connect may have the capability to be used in this regard, but that prospect isn’t until phase two of the rollout and we really don’t know enough yet.. 
  • There’s uncertainty about what is meant by “scheduling software.” 

Some additional thoughts from Board members about “Support needed from ALCTS”: 

  • Vivo, an open source linked data application developed at Cornell, was suggested as a possible platform in support of the mentoring program.
  • LLAMA’s program has 20 mentor-mentee pairs.  If ours is of similar size, we want to caution against over-engineering a database solution that may paralyze the group.  We want to develop a program that is sustainable and successful.

 Some closing general thoughts included:

  • How many pairs does Leadership Development expect at launch?
  • Might it be beneficial to run a small pilot with just a few pairs to test the infrastructure, then follow up with a fuller implementation?

Next Steps

The Executive Committee will discuss the proposal and the Board’s comments on it during its meeting in Chicago (April 19-20).  Thereafter it’s likely Leadership Development will be tasked with revising the proposal ahead of Annual Conference.