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Meeting Minutes, 2/26/2016




Ellen Keith, Jane Stephens, Jenise Overmier, Jeremy Walker, Jerilyn Marshall, Paula Dempsey, Rebecca Graff


1) Research Project

We will:



*          Request screenshots or pdfs of their data collection forms to ascertain what info is collected and extrapolate what has changed from the hash mark days.

*          Get basic background info, such as type of library (academic, archive, medical, public, school, special, &c.) and how they use data (reporting, staffing decisions, hours, training, etc.).

*          Ask a few open questions such as: what's the most useful thing you do with your data; what would you like to learn about your service, but do not currently measure; etc.

*          Code the submissions into categories and analyze the results.



It was noted that ACRL has been updating what data they collect and how they define reference, Instructions and Definitions for 2015 ACRL Annual Survey https://acrl.countingopinions.com/docs/acrl/Instructions_definitions_2015.pdf>



Timeline & Responsibilities

What   Who   When 

Create Google doc https://docs.google.com/document/d/1TWf9aRJCbdukqiZDu-vwU3ADDDMb2Vt4Cr1OGmYElt4/edit>       Jenise  2/26 

Develop possible questions     Everyone         3/11 

Set up meeting for determining questions        Rebecca          3/8    

Determine actual questions for survey Everyone         Mid-March     

IRB Approval   Rebecca          March

Setting up Qualtrics Survey     Rebecca          Late March     

What lists should we send to?* Jenise  March

Disseminate Survey                 April   

Analyze data  Everyone         May-June       

Report findings to all lists surveyed, etc.          Everyone         Late June       


*rusa-l, libref-l, public library ref list???, rss-l, ...heads of ref depts.?  Community college, special libs, and more


2) Committee Review - Comments? Clarifications?

Overall, looked accurate and raised good questions. There is, generally, a move toward research guide content encouraging the process of research rather than just producing a bibliography. Similarly, reference interactions should be considered as part of the research process - instruction & metacognition.


3) RUSA webinar proposals: Submit by March 8, 2016.  Do we want to make a proposal?

Not yet. After we have completed our survey, we can have a more structured discussion.