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Round Up: Outreach Programming for Themed Events

The Outreach Programming for Themed Events online roundtable discussions, hosted in February, explored what themed events and programs libraries are offering, what displays are created, partnerships with campus units and/or community groups, marketing techniques, assessment approaches, and lessons learned from these programs. Two topics that came up as challenging for attendees were gathering feedback from students and the overall assessment of outreach events.

A variety of examples were offered by discussion participants, including:

  • Valentine’s Day activities: blind date with a book

  • National Library Week: whiteboard activities – what do you love about the library?

  • Public programming: library partnered with community groups and created programming themed around a topic (e.g., “games, gaming, and play”). Programming activities included workshops, panels, and film screenings

  • One book programs: panel discussions and movie screenings.

    • Some one book programs partner with city and community libraries and campus partners

  • Poetry Month: partner with academic departments to promote events

  • March Madness

  • Whether events were planned with a targeted audience in mind

  • Marketing: connect with academic advisors - they have direct communication with students across the disciplines.

  • Assessment suggestions: share photos to thank participants for attending the event, measure if supplies (e.g., free food) ran out, how many filled out a survey or signed up for a mailing list, use a whiteboard or flipchart to ask for feedback from attendees.

  • Displays:

    • pop-up displays

A library has had success with a rolling display that can be removed from public spaces, updated, and rolled out throughout the library -http://demco.com/goto?BLK00173375