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LITA Committee on Diversity and Inclusion Committee

In: Library and Information Technology Association (LITA)
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The Committee on Diversity and Inclusion has as its charge:

  • To establish and maintain diversity as a fundamental principle of LITA, 
  • To articulate the desired facets of diversity within LITA, 
  • To propose appropriate goals for diversity in LITA membership, participation, and programming and metrics for measuring success, 
  • To advise and coordinate with other LITA committees, task forces, and the governing board on strategies to meet diversity goals, 
  • To coordinate with other groups within ALA on diversity issues in the library workplace, and
  • To report annually to the governing board on the committee's progress, 
  • To serve as LITA liaison to the ALA Diversity Committee through the chair or another designee from the committee.

The Committee on Diversity and Inclusion shall be composed of a a chair with a one-year term, a vice-chair with a one-year term who will succeed to the role of chair in the subsequent year, and 6 to 8 additional members with two-year overlapping terms.

Members of the Committee on Diversity and Inclusion will receive assistance from an ALA staff liaison and a LITA board member will be appointed to serve as the committee's board liaison.

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