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LITA Local Task Force Committee

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To create a toolkit to aid LITA Local Interest Groups in planning inclusive, engaging events; to recommend procedures for supporting and developing LITA Local leaders.

The Task Force will present to the Board:

  • A toolkit to make it easy for LITA Locals to run events. In addition to event planning ideas, it should include guidance on ensuring accessibility, reaching out to diverse participants, and creating an inclusive culture. The toolkit should be easy to find online.
  • A lightweight procedure for LITA to support leadership development among LITA Local chairs.

It should also be in communication with the following groups as needed:

  • The Communications & Marketing Committee and the LITAblog editor, in order to encourage participation in LITA Locals and share their good work;
  • Chairs of LITA Locals that form while the Task Force is active, in order to understand their needs and incorporate their work into the toolkit where appropriate;
  • The Web Coordinating Committee, to find a home for the toolkit.
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