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LITA Personas Task Force Committee

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by Hong Ma on Mon, Feb 29, 2016 at 02:01 pm

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The LITA Board charges the Personas Task Force with defining and developing personas for LITA. These personas should represent the varied interests, needs, and expectations of the LITA membership both currently existing and potential.

The Task Force will commence by Midwinter 2016 and run through Midwinter of 2017. It will present a preliminary report for feedback no later than two weeks before Annual 2016, and submit its final report at least two weeks in advance of Midwinter 2017. 7-9 LITA members with strong interests and (preferably) previous experience in developing personas or usability/user experience studies/projects. The Task Force members should come from a variety of different library types – academic, public, school, and other – and should (ideally) represent varied interests and expectations of the LITA membership in order to be able to create a set of personas that is as comprehensive as possible.

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