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2016 Midwinter CRCC Forum Recap

The 2016 Midwinter CR Forum was held on Monday, January 11th, from 1 to 2:30 pm, in the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center Room 107, as part of the ALA 2016 Midwinter Conference.


CR Cataloging Committee members present: Ben Abrahamse (Chair), Mina Chercourt, Peter Fletcher, Steve Kelley, Mavis Molto, and Christopher Walker.

A circulated attendance sheet gathered 41 signatures.



The Forum opened with an introduction by the Chair.

Then, reports were presented:

Steve Kelley summarized the discussions held at this CC:DA midwinter meetings.

Les Hawkins (Library of Congress) gave a brief update on developments in the CONSER program.

Regina Reynolds (US ISSN Center) presented news about the ISSN Center.

The Chair then introduced our speakers, and provided a few opening remarks.

The presentations were:

What were they thinking? Ed Jones (National University)

Title change research Mavis Molto (Utah State University)

Questions and answers followed.