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Meeting Request
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LITA All Chairs ALA Midwinter 2016 meeting

This is a general planning document, all dates are general, specific dates will be supplied as they become known to the LITA staff.
Please make sure you are signed up for the All Chairs elist: litachairs@lists.ala.org
to subscribe go to: http://lists.ala.org/sympa/info/litachairs

ALA Annual Conference Programs
LITA is allotted 20 programs, including Top Tech Trends, LITA President’s program and the Imagineering authors program. LITA also usually holds 2 to 4 pre-conferences at both Annual and Midwinter. In addition we schedule Committee and IG meetings and IG discussion sessions, including the regular Saturday morning All Chairs and then All committees and IGs meetings in one very large room. The Call For Proposals (CFP) and program proposal online form, including pre-conferences, is made available and announced on LITA spaces such as lita-l, LITAblog etc.
CFP opens: ALA Annual, late June
CFP deadline: August 1st
Program submission date to ALA: September 1st
Pre-conference submission date to ALA: November 1st
Meeting submission ALA deadline: March 1st
AV requests for programs and meetings deadline: March 1st
Program final speaker roster and descriptions: March 1st

Midwinter Meetings
There are no programs at ALA midwinter. However we schedule Top Tech Trends under the ALA special programs category “News You Can Use”. All others are meetings and discussions hosted by committees and IGs. In addition we schedule Committee and IG meetings and IG discussion sessions, including the regular Saturday morning All chairs and then All committees and IGs meetings in one very large room. An online form for submitting your ALA Midwinter meeting space requests and AV needs will be created and announced.
Meetings submission deadline, September 15th
AV requests for programs and meetings deadline: September 15th
Pre-conference submission date to ALA: July 1st

LITA Forum
Held in a different region of the country each fall. Features 3 keynotes and between 40 and 80 various program sessions over 3 days. Also frequently includes 1-3 pre-conferences. Attendance runs 300+.
CFP opens: January 15th, timed to ALA Midwinter, varies widely
CFP deadline: March 1st
Registration opens: June 15th, timed to ALA Annual
Forum: Nov 10th

Continuing Education
Webinars and Web course can be held any time of year. Webinars are 60 to 90 minutes in length. Web courses are usually about 4 weeks at the rate of one “lesson” per week. Realistically in order to fit into planning, staffing and attendee schedules the two prime seasons are:
February through May
August through November
Currently we can run about 3-5 webinars and 1-2 web courses per season.

Submitting Committee and IG reports
Please post your Committee and Interest Group reports to the Interest Group and Committee Chairs Community on ALA Connect:
Please make your post public so that the entire membership can access it. Each Committee and IG has a web page on the LITA site. Regardless of where you post your report make sure you link to it from your web page. You can submit any and all web page additions and corrections to the Web Coordinating Committee Chair.

Important Contacts
Education Committee Chair: Abigail Goben abigailgoben@gmail.com
Incoming Education Committee Chair: Mike Kastellec mkastellec@gmail.com
Program Planning Committee Chair: Evviva Weinraub Lajoie evviva.weinraub@northwestern.edu
Web Coordinator/Web Committee Chair: Jodie Gambill jodie.gambill@gmail.com
LITA Forum Chair: Tammy Allgood Wolf Tammy.Allgood@asu.edu
LITA Staff: Jenny Levine, Executive Director jlevine@ala.org
Mark Beatty, LITA Programs and Marketing Specialist mbeatty@ala.org

Upcoming ALA conferences
2016 Midwinter Meeting, Boston, MA: January 8-12, 2016
Annual Conference, Orlando, FL: June 23-28, 2016
2017 Midwinter Meeting, Atlanta, GA: January 20-24, 2017
Annual Conference, Chicago, IL: June 22-27, 2017
2018 Midwinter Meeting, Denver, CO: February 9-13, 2018
Annual Conference, New Orleans, LA: June 21-26, 2018
2019 Midwinter Meeting, Seattle, WA: January 25-29, 2019
Annual Conference, DC: June 20-25, 2019
2020 Midwinter Meeting, Philadelphia, PA: January 17-21, 2020
Annual Conference, Chicago, IL: June 25-30, 2020