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Electronic Resources Interest Group at ALA Midwinter 2016

Saturday, January 9, 2016
1:00 pm to 2:30 pm, US/Eastern

Please join us for the ALCTS Electronic Resources Interest Group (ERIG) Meeting at ALA Midwinter for three presentations on three varied aspects on electronic resources in libraries.

Saturday, January 9, 2016
1:00-2:30 pm
Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, Room 102B

Tips for Negotiating Text Mining Rights For Your Researchers
Monica Moore, Electronic Resources Librarian, University of Notre Dame, mmoore18@nd.edu

The library plays a critical role in supporting researchers by securing the rights to text mine institutionally-licensed content, or by modifying existing license provisions to accommodate the methodology that best supports their research. Negotiating these rights can be challenging, since each research project has different goals, methods, and content needs, and these needs may require agreements from multiple content providers. This presentation will describe two projects at the University of Notre Dame which required text mining negotiation with various vendors. The second half of the presentation will translate these experiences into recommendations on how to analyze text mining requests from faculty members, and will also include a list of resources for audience members to help them support such requests at their own institutions.

A Continuum of Approaches to Managing Open Access Resources
Robert Heaton, Electronic Collections Librarian, Utah State University, robert.heaton@usu.edu

The Open Access movement strives to alleviate major world problems by making current, peer-reviewed research available to anyone with an Internet connection. But at the same time, it creates new problems for libraries, their collections, and their users: reduced quality assurance for content, new and complex business models, journal proliferation because of lower barriers to entry for small publishers, and questions of link rot and digital archiving. While librarians' grasp on Open Access issues is growing, practitioners are not always aware of the choices available for managing that area of their collections. This presentation presents a continuum—a graphical annotated bibliography—of approaches to managing Open Access collections, including strategies for collection management, resource assessment, user education, and vendor relations, with their accompanying tradeoffs of time, money, and ideological commitment.

Connecting Electronic Resource Use with Student Success
Nathaniel King, Director of Library Services, Nevada State College, Nathaniel.King@nsc.edu

Nevada State College is matching EZProxy log data with student data from its Office of Institutional Research. This collaboration allows them to determine electronic resource use patterns by academic level and discipline. They can also determine if library use correlates with proxies for student success. In this session, Nathaniel will present findings from his library's first year of EZProxy log data and he will discuss the process for analyzing the data and outline future directions.