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What's Happening: A Pre-Midwinter Update. 2015-2016 CD#4

Here is the 2016 ALA Midwinter Meeting version of "What's Happening."  As usual, information was curated and contributed by staff in all parts of the Association.

Parts of the document have been moved around this year.  If you're looking for numbers (pre-registration, membership), head to the back of the documents.  As usual, the last page is a list of handy phone numbers you can tear off and keep with you.

Let me know if you have questions or are looking for information.  I'll be in the office today, tomorrow (12/31) and Monday, before leaving Tuesday for Boston.  See you all there.



 -- now with a couple of repairs -


What's Happening-MW2016Finalx.pdf820.05 KB
Brian Greene's picture

Thanks Mary for again presenting one of the most important pre-conference documents an attendee can see/have/read and use for planning.  :-)

Brian Greene, WY Chapter Councilor,
ASCLA Awards Committee, Chair,
IFRT Coalition Building Committee,
LITA Rep to ALA Chapter Relations Committee,
OITP E-rate Task Force,
WY State Library, Library Development Manager,

Mary Ghikas's picture

Thanks for your kind comment, Brian.  My pleasure entirely -- and I have lots of assistance from colleagues on the ALA staff.


Patricia Hogan's picture

Mary, As usual your report is wonderful, so many ideas and a positive opening to the Conference.  I am feeling better but trying to build energy.  Do you have any suggestions for the RT assembly or the Retired members meeting?  My Treasurer's report for the latter will be brief but positive.  As for the Assembly I haven't heard from people but we could discuss what the RTs want, their mission, their need to attract and keep members but who knows.  Thanks in advance for all the good you do and for being such a great help to me.  I appreciate it and Danielle has been wonderful too.  Pat HoganOn Wed,