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PBA Agenda - ALA 2016 Midwinter & Note from the ALA CFO

PBA Members:

Hope all is well and you’re enjoying the holiday season with your family and friends.  We’re excited to meet with you in a few short weeks and engage you in a meaningful discussion on ALA’s fiscal priorities, recent results, and plans for the future.

Attached is an agenda for the Planning Budget and Assembly (PBA) Meeting scheduled for January 10th in Boston.  It’s a full agenda and includes topics in which you have expressed considerable interest, such as our President Elect’s Initiatives, the performance of our Publishing operations, and our technology projects (and related benefits for members) for the upcoming year.  Please do reach out to me and our Executive Director, Keith Fiels, if there are specific questions or items you would like to cover during the presentations or during the PBA meeting in general.  Please also note that over the next several days leading up to the PBA Assembly, we will post additional information for your review. 

Thanks and see you in a few short weeks in Boston!

Mark Leon

Chief Financial Officer

ALA American Library Association

Updated PBA Agenda MW16 v0 1.docx21.5 KB