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Conference Programming Committee Pre Midwinter 2016

The Conference Programming Committee has not met since our last virtual meeting in June 2015. I was available at the ASCLA Board meeting in San Francisco to discuss the committee's decisions.

Since my appointment as chair in September 2015 I have shared email conversations with several new members. In late December each member of the committee will receive notice of the meeting at Midwinter during the ASCLA All-Committees meeting session.

I attend the online training session for committee chairs on Dec. 14.

After Midwinter each committee member will be provided information on virtual meetings and provided copies of the forms required to submit program/institute proposals for Midwinter and Annual in 2017 as soon as the ASCLA staff provide those forms.

I have notified the ASCLA Interest Groups of which I am member that the time to start preparing program/institute proposals is now and will encourage other committee members to do the same. Once proposal forms are available I will do listserv "blast" seeking programs ideas.

Submitted 12/23/2015

Eldon Ray James