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CaMMS Recruitment and Mentoring Committee 2016 Midwinter Agenda

All Committee Meeting and Executive Committee (ALCTS CaMMS)

Date: Sunday, January 10, 2016

Time:8:30 AM - 11:30 AM

Location: Westin Waterfront,  Galleria Room


  1. Identify note-taker
  2. Welcome and introductions
  3. Old business: Committee charge. Revision proposed to Exec was approved: “To identify and propose methods and materials for recruitment to careers in cataloging and metadata creation; to provide mentoring guidelines and best practices for library professionals, library school students, and others interested in cataloging/metadata activities; to foster career development and provide advocacy to cataloging/metadata professionals.”
  4. Old business: Mentoring best practices draft documentation – Sarah and Rachel
  5. Old business: Update on proposal for  ALCTS e-forum on the topic of "Career Progression in Cataloging and Metadata" scheduled for February - Stacie
  6. Old business: Continue discussion of other outreach, such as Twitter, Webinar, etc.
  7. New business: Other mentoring related activities in ALCTS (e.g. NMIG,  Leadership Development). Do we need to coordinate? Any members of this committee who are involved in those groups are asked to attend/report on/etc. those activities
  8. New business: Invitation to the floor