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C&RL Editorial Board Midwinter 2016 Meeting - Minutes

College & Research Libraries Editorial Board

ALA Midwinter 2016 Meeting (Virtual)

December 10, 2015

1:00 pm - 2:30 pm (Central)

Members present: Scott Walter (Chair),  Laura Bonella, John Budd, Don Gilstrap, Wendi Kaspar, Lori Mestre, Susan Searing, Mark Shelton, Sarah Steiner, Mark Stover

Members absent: Penny Beile, Alan Carbrery, Ann Cullen, Marta Deyrup, James Elmborg, Karen Williams (ex officio)

Guests present: Stephanie Davis-Kahl (editorial assistant), David Free (ACRL)

The meeting was called to order at 1:02 pm (Central) by Scott Walter. The Board discussed the following agenda items:

Announcement and Additions to the Agenda

Kaspar added a discussion of plans to review and make changes to the classification scheme employed in the Editorial Manager system to tag incoming submissions by subject.

Walter congratulated 2 Board members on their recent retirements and thanked them for agreeing to continue their service to College & Research Libraries.

Remembrance: Richard Fyffe (1956-2015)

Board members took a moment to remember their colleague, who died earlier this year. A written remembrance will be included in the editorial for the January 2016 issue of C&RL.

Review of 2015 Submission Statistics

Walter reviewed the 2015 submission statistics, as well as trends in submissions and in use of the C&RL Web site.

Kaspar noted that incoming submissions in the latter half of 2015 have remained steady, and that there has been a notable increase in submissions dealing with emergent areas, including data services, library publishing, digital humanities, etc. Given the increased interest in these areas, as well as the need to regularly review the breadth and depth of the reviewer pool, Kaspar encouraged Board members to share names of potential peer reviewers with her for inclusion in the reviewer pool (note: there are currently just under 100 peer reviewers in the C&RL peer reviewer pool, including members of the editorial board).

Noting the number of submissions rejected each year, Mestre suggested that the Board might wish to consider providing a program focused on providing guidance to potential C&RL authors on what makes for a successful submission, common areas of concern among reviewers, etc. Steiner suggested that this might make a good Online Forum for 2016. The Board will continue to consider this between the Midwinter and Annual meeting, perhaps in consultation with Publications Coordinating Committee.

Review of Classification Scheme for Incoming Submissions

Kaspar introduced the results of her initial review of the subject classification employed in the Editorial Manager system for incoming submissions, and her suggestions for streamlining duplicative terms, adding terms to reflect areas of emergent interest in the field, and more clearly align research topics with areas of administrative or strategic interest in the Association. Board members were invited to send suggestions to Kaspar on how best to represent areas with which they are most familiar.

Assessment in Action Special Issue Update

Board members have received regular updates from guest editor Kara Malenfant regarding progress on the March 2016 special issue and publication appears to be on track. Seven essays have been through first-round review, and are now undergoing final review by members of the editorial board. Board members assigned to review special issue essays have been asked to submit their reviews no later than December 14th to ensure time for final revisions prior to submission of final drafts to ACRL. Following discussions between the editor, book review editor, and guest editors, the decision was made not to include book reviews in the special issue.

Social Media Program Update

Board members reviewed the Social Media Program report prepared by Steiner, who noted continued growth in the program by metrics including reader engagement (“Likes”), synchronous and asynchronous viewing of online for a on YouTube, and “click-thoughs” to C&RL content posted to social media platforms. Steiner also noted increased engagement with social media followers in the “research program recommendations” made for ALA Midwinter and Annual programs.

Steiner noted the technical problems that plagued the online forum originally scheduled for October on “student success,” as well as more recent scheduling problems with presenters. She hopes to record a session for inclusion on the C&RL YouTube channel in January. The next online forum is planned for March/April and designed to coincide with the publication of the special issue on Assessment in Action.

Annual Conference Meeting Schedule

The Board will meet in person, as scheduled, at the ALA Annual Meeting in 2016 (Orlando, FL).

The meeting was adjourned at 1:48 pm (Central).