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RUSA RSS Marketing and Public Relations for Reference Committee Meeting Minutes

Tags: Minutes | 2015

12/3/15 - Meeting Minutes

Present: Elizabeth DeCoster; Kathryn Oberg; Cynthia Thomes

  • Liz and Kate will be attending Midwinter. Cynthia, Douglas, and Cinthya are not able to attend.
  • Self-study
    • Is the work we do similar to the Public Relations Exchange? Could we collaborate with them in/for future activities?
    • Future issues include loss of print resources (such as Statistical Abstract), general slight membership decrease in RUSA, turnover rate of committee.
    • A committee on Virtual Reference Services does exist, maybe some overlap there?
    • Committee turnover makes it easy to lose momentum - marketing is very current.
    • Providing scaffolding/structure for libraries.
  • Attached to these minutes please find a DRAFT of MPRS's contribution to the RUSA RSS self-study. Please review and send back any comments (via email or as a comment on Connect) by 5 pm on 12/16/2015. This will give me ample time to put together any notes by the 18th and time for a final review before campuses start closing for the holidays.
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I think that the draft looks good!

Just a few questions/comments:

  • Should the charge mention to whom we're marketing reference and information services? In other words, should we explicitly state that our marketing efforts are aimed at patrons in all types of communities (students, faculty, the general public, etc.)?
  • Another challenge that our committee may face is that if libraries continue to face decreased or flat budgets, there may have to be cuts in services and/or resources, which may make PR a more difficult task for us to accomplish.
  • The last bullet point of the draft does a nice job of explaining how our committee is different than others, and I like the idea that the overlap in our work may lead to opportunities to collaborate with other groups that do similar work.
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As a new member of the committee, I think this looks great, I don't have much to add as I don't have a lot of background on past activities. I thought the explanations were clear and I like how we're trying to explain how we're different from other committees but that we can collaborate. Thanks!

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Thanks for the feedback! Draft 2 is now up, with a few tweaks. I included references to the websites where our charge and the RUSA strategic plan are located, and made a few additions based on Cynthia's comments. Let me know if you have additional thoughts or additions - I'm planning on sending this in the afternoon of Friday (12/18) so would like feedback by noonish that day.