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LITA Personas Task Force Charge

LITA Personas Task Force



The LITA Board charges the Personas Task Force with defining and developing personas for LITA. These personas should represent the varied interests, needs, and expectations of the LITA membership both currently existing and potential.

The purpose of this Task Force is to learn more and gather information about those who are a natural fit for LITA -- whether they are currently a LITA member or not -- through these personas.

These personas will be used for LITA to create, refine, and communicate tangible benefits and actionable strategies that directly address those interests, needs, and expectations of the LITA membership.

The hope is that as a result, more people will join LITA, and the LITA members will find more ways to actively participate in and benefit from LITA. This is part of LITA’s broader efforts to increase the user experience of the membership, some of which go back to the 2011 LITA Emerging Leaders Project "Branding LITA: a market Identity for the 21st Century” (http://connect.ala.org/node/125841)



(1) A set of several personas of the LITA Membership, which

  • represent the varied interests, needs, and expectations of the LITA membership in different library types, roles that they perform at work related to technology, levels in their career development, and degrees of current involvement with LITA.
  • include current members (either actively involved or not), potential members (who may renew), and past members (who did not renew), and reasons for each persona.
  • include specific and concrete descriptions for each in terms of their previous experience with and future expectations for LITA.
  • are based upon the LITA membership data and research.

(2) Plus, optionally, some recommendation about potentially immediate use cases of these personas to improve the user experience of the LITA membership.

(For example, in the context of Communications committee, Membership committee, Assessment & Research committee, Education committee, PPC committee, etc.)



The Task Force will commence by Midwinter 2016 and run through Midwinter of 2017 (January 20-24, 2017). It will present a preliminary report for feedback no later than two weeks before Annual 2016 (June 23-28, 2016) ideally by Monday 6/6/2016, and submit its final report at least two weeks in advance of Midwinter 2017 (Jan 20-24, 2017) ideally by Monday 1/2, 2017.



7-9 LITA members with strong interests and (preferably) previous experience in developing personas or usability/user experience studies/projects. The Task Force members should come from a variety of different library types – academic, public, school, and other – and should (ideally) represent varied interests and expectations of the LITA membership in order to be able to create a set of personas that is as comprehensive as possible.

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The LITA Board is looking for several volunteers for the new LITA Personas Task Force, particularly those who have previous experience in persona development (or other UX projects/research). Volunteers must be a LITA Member.

If you are interested, please send me the answers to the following in a short email "by Friday 1/29." - bkim et hshsl dot umaryland dot edu

 *   Name:
 *   Library type (Academic, Public, School, Other - specify):
 *   Previous experience in persona development or user experience projects/research:
 *   Any other relevant skills or experience that you think would be useful to the personas task force work:
 *   Any previous volunteer experience in LITA (committee, IG, etc.):