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Protocol for submitting social media items

These instructions are from Genifer Snipes, who manages the BRASS social media accounts.

Content by or about BRASS members (news articles, publications, workshop announcements, etc.) as well as about business research & teaching in general will be accepted.

Submit content to: Genifer.snipes@mail.wvu.edu

Information that should be included:

• Blurb – people are welcome to write up their own Facebook & Twitter posts or they can send me a longer/more general description and I will develop the content to be posted
• Where do they want it posted (Twitter/Facebook/both)
• When do they want it posted (specific days, multiple times leading up to date)
• Images/video (if applicable) – no pdf files
• Contact information of submitter so I can ask questions & get any necessary clarifications

Genifer may edit or adapt content in order to make it more compatible with the particular channel. If anyone would like to be contacted before changes are made, please specify upon submission of the content.

People on Twitter & Facebook are also welcome to submit content themselves by using @rusa_brass or the #bizref hashtag on Twitter or on our Facebook page through the user posts & messaging features. It’s a slightly different type of visibility but I’m happy to retweet & share content.

Additional questions should be sent to Genifer at: genifer.snipes@mail.wvu.edu