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Executive Committee Meeting Minutes - November 10, 2015


Aaron Dobbs, Thomas Dowling, Aimee Fifarek, S. G. Ranti Junus, Jenny Levine, Rachel Vacek; Christine Peterson observed as a LITA member

Update on Forum numbers (looking good!)

274 attendees total for advance registration; total registration revenue = $108,473 (doesn't take into account expenses; note that food and beverage costs will be higher because there are more attendees, so this isn't all revenue gravy)
For comparison, in 2014 there were 195 attendees; total registration revenue = $81,336

How do we track Board work

Jenny is working towards weekly email updates to the Board summarizing what's happening in the LITA Office and what's being achieved
How do we engage Board members more? Need to get the priorities/strategic goals discussion going (unfortunately we had to cancel the Board meeting last month because we didn't give advance notice it was happening); will start at the December Board meeting

  • Task: When the weekly emails start, Jenny will post them publicly to the Connect Board group
  • Task: Jenny will add all Board members to the Trello board so that they can add/move projects
  • Decision: We'll keep documents in Connect, including agendas and minutes (all public); discussion will happen on the mailing list; we'll use Trello for an overview of projects the Board is working on (note that this is a new URL in the LITA Trello area Cindi Blyberg had already set up during her presidency)

Diversity issues and perceptions of them within LITA

Some context: See the full thread on lita-l and Rachel's message with some statistics
How do we broaden representation on committees, speakers, etc.?
What are we doing to be more inclusive, and how can we make that more visible? What actionable things we can do?
ALA doesn't have data about members, so we'd have to survey our members ourselves
Can we have discussions at the Midwinter Town Hall and at Forum? At ALA conferences? Online?
Post equity/inclusion actions on the LITA home page, the newsletter (when it starts up again), the blog, etc.
ACRL has a diversity committee; also helps with appointments? Something to consider

  • Task: Jenny will make sure we restart this discussion after Midwinter when there's more staff capacity and things have calmed down a little from the transition and Forum planning; will include in the strategic planning the Board is about to start

Staff capacity (tl;dr: need more!)

Discussion about whether we can add a third position back (probably not); need to look at revised FY16 projections when they're ready; we might be able to investigate a part-time position in FY17
In the meantime, we're working on trying to make routines and processes more efficient
Can we split a position with another division?

Quick note about membership statistics

At the end of August 2015, we had 2,720 members, and at the end of September 2015, we had 2,750, so that's a positive direction, even if only for one month (we don't have October statistics yet).