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ACRL 2017 Innovations Committee Meeting @ ALA Midwinter

Sunday, January 10, 2016
2:30 pm to 4:00 pm, US/Eastern

Location: Westin Copley Place Hotel, Essex Center Room

1. Introductions & Welcome

2. All committee: continue discussion of idea prioritization & sorting

3. Sort into sub-groups

a. Action: Identify primary contact for each subgroup

4. If time permits, further discussion in subgroups


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adding the agenda in .doc format for those of you who might want to download a copy for use offline / on your device.

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hi, all,

It was great to see so many of you in person! And thanks to those who called in. I'm sorry it was not a good connection.

Here are my notes of what we discussed during the meeting. Please reply with any additions, edits or corrections! Thanks


We went through the spreadsheet of ideas and came up with a few 'leaders'. The ideas that seemed most popular sorted into a few broad groups as follows:

  • Orientation/First Timer/Promoting Community
    • First Timer game: this has historically been a bingo-like game. Ideas from discussion included: is there a way to make it more portable/part of badge? What if the game wasn't just for 1st timers? Divide all conference goers into four groups/teams indicated on badge to involve broader proportion of community?
    • Conference-goer walk/run: will need to check in with Local Arrangements, also possibly with conference hotels (since this is something hotels sometimes organize anyway)
    • Badges / stickers / 'flair' as previously discussed
    • Random icebreaker/spaces to informally meet people throughout space, including food (milk and cookies, etc)
    • Team Trivia
  • Lightning Talks
    • Crowdsource voting
    • How many sessions / where do these fit into the schedule
  • Community Service
    • The ideas here split into two major areas, which were 'bring stuff' or 'do stuff'
    • Follow up on this will be to check in with community service agencies / a clearinghouse of those to find out what might be workable for a group of our size
  • Mind-Body/Overall Experience/Wellness
    • Yoga/massage (this pending sponsorship)
    • Running/walking groups (see above)
    • Nap pods?
    • Introvert room
    • Therapy animals; specifically someone mentioned therapy tortoises
  • Collaboration/Creative
    • Improv? Music? How formal to coordinate, considering what space might be needed, etc

We also had a spirited conversation which started on the topic of greenspace and evolved into Camp ACRL, which would be a room with real grass sod on the floor, and projections of stars on the ceiling, maybe crepe paper 'firepits' - kind of a mashup of creative and wellness (a space to go be quiet). Smores were suggested as well.

Action Items:

  • Review the above general groupings and decide which you would like to pursue; how many you can be involved with is dependent on your availability, but please plan to get involved with at a minimum, one.
  • Each of these groups will also need a primary contact / communication coordinator. If you are willing to serve in that role we'll need to know that also.

As far as communicating this - I've created a document here in Connect, so please feel free to go in and 'sign up' here http://connect.ala.org/node/249416

Please note your preferences by the end of this month so we can get the subgroups up and functioning in plenty of time to get questions answered and make some firm decisions about what we can go forward with!