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Agenda for BRASS Membership Friday Nov 13, 2015

Draft Agenda Nov 13, 2015
BRASS Membership

Approve minutes http://connect.ala.org/node/243966

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Introduction & Announcements
no midwinter meeting

Old Business (review of actions)
ACTION: Phil White will investigate the process for posting content.
ACTION: All Review the welcome letter before sending it out to new members. The letter is in ALA Connect.
ACTION: Cynthia Slater will divide up the list. Each committee member will then send the welcome letter to their assigned list of new members.
ACTION: Cynthia Slater and Greg Tong will work on a checklist of criteria for reception venues (e.g., separate room that can hold 100 people) and follow up.
ACTION: Phil White will research locations from Cynthia’s list of possible locations in the Pointe Orlando area.

ACTION: All committee members should review the document before the next committee meeting. The document is in ALA Connect.

 New Business

All: Explore creating a database to track members.

Paul Brothers: Discuss ALA Division Leaders document.

PB: Decide whether to do a survey of past members who left the group.

PB: Explore methods to engage with PLA, ACRL, others.