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Executive Committee Meeting Minutes - October 27, 2015


Nancy Colyar, Aaron Dobbs, Thomas Dowling, Aimee Fifarek, S. G. Ranti Junus, Jenny Levine, Rachel Vacek

Budget narrative - how should we distribute it?

  • Jenny will post the narrative and the detailed budget to the Financial Advisory Committee privately for discussion
  • Jenny will post the budget narrative publicly to the Board group

Update on 2016 Forum location

We got two viable proposals
We're trying to negotiate a lower room rate for attendees

  • Jenny will check on the double bed room rate to determine if attendees can affordably share rooms

Pilot project to pay webinar instructors

We're still trying to determine the details of the pilot
The Board needs data in order to discuss this at Midwinter

  • Jenny will pull together raw numbers and evaluation surveys for th0se sessions where instructors were paid; how much each instructor was paid; need this information for all courses for the last two years for comparison; ask for information about what other divisions do; can someone on Education help with this?
  • Jenny will talk to Education about putting a hold on payments for further sessions until the Board and FAC have a chance to discuss and evaluate this

Tangent: need to add an opt out option for sharing names, titles, etc. of Forum attendees with all attendees

Question: We should discuss the privacy of surveymonkey results for CE evaluations

Forum preconference and Midwinter institutes

More potential budget holes for FY16
We had to cancel the Forum preconference on makerspaces
The Program Planning Committee is working on two possible institutes for Midwinter

ALA and Badging Experiment for Forum

ALA is experimenting with badging (emphasis on experimenting)
LITA will issue the first profile badge for attending our Web Analytics preconference at Forum; if we have Midwinter institutes, we'll issue badges for attending those, too.
The experiment is being led by ALA's Center for the Future of Libraries. The goal is to find out if people value these types of badges and use them. There will be three levels of badges: attending CE events with learning outcomes, completing CE events and receiving CEUs; completion of more formal training (including Spectrum Scholars and maybe Emerging Leaders)

Award/Scholarship press releases posted

  • Jenny will publish a blog post with links to the press releases; alert CaM so that they can be publicized on social media channels

The press releases are on the ALA website:

Desperate need for committee inventory and chairs orientation

LITA desperately needs orientations for board members, committee chairs, and interest group chairs; it seems like this has fallen through the cracks in recent years, resulting in committees not submitting reports, among other things
Nancy will write up a few paragraphs about orienting new committee chairs

Open Issue: Need an orientation for representatives, too

LITA Blog and SSL

Web Coordinating Committee will work with ALA ITTS to move LITA Blog to ALA's hosting service in February 2016 and will then be the guinea pig for implementing SSL on ALA's blog-hosting service

Diversity issues and perceptions of them within LITA

We ran out of time to discuss this, so we'll put this on the agenda for our next meeting
See Rachel's great post to lita-l with some numbers

Rachel's excellent question about tracking the Board's open items

Jenny created a Trello board for now until we can discuss this and figure out how we want to handle it going forward (note this is a public board)

In general, the LITA Executive Committee meets every other Tuesday from 2:00-3:00pm Central Time, and members are welcome to attend. To attend the meeting, join our Google Hangout. Due to the limits on the size of a Hangout, we appreciate a heads-up in advance so that we can switch to a different platform that better handles many participants if necessary.

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I'm really glad to see that Center for the Future of Libraries is taking point on badging, and also that LITA is taking the lead on SSL in ALA.In terms of chair training (I agree, a missed opportunity), please keep in mind that our 2013 Emerging Leaders pulled together some great resources on being an effective LITA chair: http://connect.ala.org/node/216777

LITA Board of Directors, 2013-2019; President-Elect, 2017-2018

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Thanks for the reminder, Andromeda. Margaret Heller sent me the files she had, so that will form the foundation of what I put together. They really did a lot of great work, and I'm hoping to find a way to make the game work!