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2015 ALA Annual Conference Recordings

Full registrants can now watch and listen to all 2015 ALA Annual Conference sessions which ALA had permission to record on the conference website. Direct links to VRT-sponsored sessions can be found below: 

When Text Isn't Enough: An Exploration into the World of Multimodal Scholarship in the Digital Arts, Sciences and Humanities

Increasingly, scholars are producing works in non-traditional genres and mediums, published using alternative platforms. This presentation will describe some of the trends and unique affordances of multimodal scholarship across the digital arts, sciences and humanities domains, with an emphasis on the video format. Examples discussed include innovative multimodal digital art scholarship, a recent study on science journal digital video abstracts, and multimodal digital humanities publications. We will also discuss the potential implications of these emerging areas of scholarship on librarians and library services, illustrated by two case studies of multimodal digital humanities projects in libraries.

Voices of Youth: Community Partnerships for Video Production

San Francisco Public Library's Board of Advising Youth (BAY) and librarian panel will talk about their involvement with Bay Area Youth Media Network and the new SFPL Learning Lab (a.k.a. The Mix at SFPL), and their partners the Bay Area Video Coalition and Adobe Youth Voices; The California Academy of Sciences, BAVC and KQED.

IFLA AVMS -- Global Action in AV Concerns: A History and Update

The Audiovisual and Multimedia Section (AVMS) of the International Federation of Library Associations (IFLA) has been active in the Coordinating Council on Audiovisual Archive Associations (CCAAA) since well before1999, when the UNESCO-organized NGO Round Table on Audiovisual Records became CCAAA. IFLA AVMS had been a founding member of the NGO Round Table on Audiovisual Records (now CCAAA) in 1981. This long standing and important relationship has spanned over 50 years with the various organizational incarnations. This program will explore longstanding partnerships, programming, leadership activities of the AVMS, an international partner of the ALA VRT.

Audio Digitization: Starting out Right

There are many reasons for digitizing collections, but technical and workflow issues as well as copyright restrictions on access and use of audio collections make conversion from analog formats especially complex. The success of any audio digitization venture will rely on asking the right questions before you start. Speakers will explore the challenges of planning and implementing audio digitization projects for preservation and access. Extensive examples from the California Audiovisual Preservation Project will be presented.

PPR: Promoting and Programming in Academic Libraries

After years of obtaining films with PPR (Public Performance Rights) many libraries have acquired quite a collection. How do we communicate to faculty, students and student organizations that we have these films that offer another lens to investigate subjects and topics? At Ohio University Libraries, we're learning to raise awareness of our PPR holdings by demonstrating the importance of PPR based on faculty requests, co-sponsoring film series, and using social media. Our panel of academic librarians and media distributors will share their experiences and lessons learned, and open up the discussion for Q&A.

Media Streaming Showcase: Can We Talk?

This showcase will feature five 15- minute provocative talks and panels about timely aspects of media streaming impacting librarians today today. These include: Curating and Management of Your Institution's Videos; Using Big Data Effectively to Analyze Online Video Consumption; Streaming Video Acquisitions: Making the Right Choices for Your Library; Purchasing, Licensing models, and delivery of streaming videos for libraries; and Online Video-Patron Acquisition and ROI.