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Executive Committee Meeting Minutes - September 29, 2015


Aaron W. Dobbs, Thomas Dowling, Aimee Fifarek, S. G. Ranti Junus, Jenny Levine, Rachel Vacek

Where are we posting notices about meetings?

  • Thomas will post on lita-l. Should we post on the blog, too?

Committees and Representatives

Is there a prompt in the new system when an applicant hasn't accepted or rejected an appointment?

  • Jenny will check in the new system during beta testing (ALCTS and LITA will begin beta testing the new system next week)
  • Jenny still has to talk to other divisions that have appointments committees; should the previous year's VP chair this group for next year's VP? Can the Nominating Committee also take this on?
  • We need a Representatives wrangler like the positions for committees and interest group coordinators

FY15 budget close

  • Jenny will post end-of-year budget documents to the LITA Financial Advisory Committee (FAC)
  • Preliminary scan is that we're at a $20,000 deficit for FY15 (it's actually $70,000, but $50,000 of it is money we moved to the Endowment Fund)

Forum 2016

  • Looking at a new location because Portland and Salt Lake City didn't work out: Detroit? Ann Arbor? Kansas City?
  • Thomas, Aimee, Jenny, Tammy, Sylvia (AASL), Melissa (AASL) will all meet to discuss a possible¬† collaboration with AASL for the 2016 Forum

Idea for Spectrum Scholars-like program to increase diversity of library tech people

  • We will likely have to put this idea on hold for a year while the new Director of the Office for Diversity takes over and gets up to speed on her own unit; maybe we can talk with her about this next year

In general, the LITA Executive Committee meets every other Tuesday from 2:00-3:00pm Central Time, and members are welcome to attend. To attend the meeting, join our Google Hangout. Due to the limits on the size of a Hangout, we appreciate a heads-up in advance so that we can switch to a different platform that better handles many participants if necessary.