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Resources for Credentialing and Academic Libraries Open forum on Sept. 24

The task force for the Credentialing and Academic Libraries Open Forum has created a guide to resources  available at   http://desales.libguides.com/credentialing

FYI - The opening session of the Oct. 5, 2015 national credentialing summit in Washington DC will be live-broadcast beginning at 8:30am EST at the website http://www,connectingcredentials.org and taped for later viewing. Iwill be moderated by Jim Lehrer, former Executive Editor and News Anchor, PBS NewsHour

“Setting the Stage: Transforming Our Fragmented Credentialing System Into One That Works Better for Students, Employers and the Nation” will examine dilemmas posed by our nation’s lack of a transparent, connected credentialing system by clarifying the issues, focusing on key questions, and encouraging constructive dialogue on problems that have an important place on the public agenda."