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October Update: Health and Medical Reference Committee Goals for 2015-16

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The goals for the 2015-16 year of the Health and Medical Reference Committee are as follows:

  • Promote the newly accepted RUSA Health and Medical Reference Guidelines through communications, marketing, scholarship and professional development programming.

    Update, October 2015:

    The HMRC has been brainstorming the various ways we could market the new Guidelines. Ideas include using local and regional library associations, local public libraries, and regional libraries in the National Network of Libraries of Medicine to promote the Guidelines. An article has already been included in a regional newsletter in Connecticut. One member is drafting a press release to share with these various outlets. A discussion forum is also being planned for ALA Annual in Orlando for further promotion. HMRC will continue to plan and promote the guidelines.

  • Promote and develop the Medref listserv in order to provide a discussion space for workers in all libraries who provide health or medical reference to talk about the special issues arising from those types of reference questions.

    Update, October 2015:

    The Committee has made descriptive changes to the listserv directory information and is continuing to work on promotion.

  • Develop a web page to communicate helpful resources for those in the field providing health or medical reference.

    Update, October 2015:

    The HMRC is pleased to have completed a web page with a list of resources. It can be found on the Committee’s site at http://www.ala.org/rusa/contact/rosters/rss/rus-rsshmr. The page is meant to provide a wide range of library workers a short list of free web resources to seek answers to health-related questions.

  • Programming: contribute a Webinar, discussion forum or program for ALA Annual Meeting 2016 and/or other venues.

    Update, October 2015:

    The Committee is collaborating with ACRL’s Health Sciences Interest Group to prepare a discussion forum for Annual 2016.