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ExCo Meeting Minutes - September 1, 2015


Thomas Dowling, Aimee Fifarek, S. G. Ranti Junus, Jenny Levine, Rachel Vacek


  1. Budget update (don't really have one yet, but should the FAC chair be part of ExCo?)
  2. Preliminary priorities discussion?
  3. Conference schedule template


  1. We'll add FAC chair to ExCo
  2. Board will meet in Adobe Connect with a permanent room URL

Action Items

  • Thomas is going to ask Andrea to find where the "2 weeks public notice" comes from since we're not sure what the language actually is
  • Jenny to create a Google spreadsheet for Board members to enter priorities; set due date of September 30 for discussion at the October 8, 2015 Board meeting
  • Jenny to talk to Lauren Pressley and David Lee King as coordinators about creating a conference schedule template for meetings
  • Jenny to have Aimee added to the volunteer form to help complete appointments
  • Check LITA Forum site under sponsorships for Mary's name (litaforum.org/sponsors/sponsor-prospectus)
  • Jenny to talk to other divisions that have Appointment Committees to get language/advice
  • Come up with a template for the quarterly newsletter; Jenny to talk to CaM about what could be included in the newsletter; also point to the blog
  • Rachel to forward membership committee formal request to the board re: need for $ for Happy Hour
  • Jenny to find Town Hall meeting minutes (Connect?) and go through them for priorities from the members
  • Thomas to send out reminder email to board liaisons about connecting with their liaisons

Open Issues

  • Need timelines for award committees
  • Need best practices for documenting and archiving year-to-year for committees
  • Need to document additional roles that committee chairs and representatives may be expected to perform and report back on; revisit terms and roles
  • Need to close the loop and thank liaisons/reps when their terms end
  • Need a liaisons (representatives) wrangler


  • Make sure to post ExCo agendas and notices at least two weeks in advance (check if the 2 weeks is ALA or LITA rule)
  • Look for ExCo mailing list (it's at litaexco@lists.ala.org)
  • Encouraging CaM to meet; encourage Board liaisons to reach out to committees
  • Past chair for awards committees are supposed to remain on the roster to help mentor the new chair
  • Gathering agenda items for next Board meeting: local chapters, assessment update, prioritizing priorities, funding for Happy Hour

Hangouts URL for future ExCo meetings - http://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/g5a353zw7sghxrfubgxlpwmdqaa