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Pre-vote discussion: 8/10/15–8/17/15 Annual Conference draft Board minutes

The Board is invited to review the draft 2015 Annual Conference Board minutes, and have discussion during the period of 8/10/15–8/17/15. Please post comments regarding the draft minutes using threaded discussion to provide feedback regarding the content.

  • All Board members are asked to submit corrections.
  • Following the discussion period, the Board will approve the Annual Conference meeting minutes via virtual vote during 8/18/15–8/25/15 and confirm its vote at the 2016 Midwinter Meeting.

Board members can email editorial corrections directly to Allison at apayne@ala.org. The draft minutes are posted as a Word document to allow the use of track changes if significant changes are needed. Revisions using track changes can also be emailed to Allison for posting to the discussion.