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Committee Goals & Activities 2015-16

The primary goal of the committee between July 1, 2014 and June 30, 2015 was to update the committee's name and charge.  

Current Committee Name: Library Services to the Spanish Speaking

Current Committee Charge: To improve library services to the Spanish-speaking and Hispanic culture groups at the local and national levels.

Discussion took place before, during, and after Midwinter and the new name that proposed new name and charge were:

Proposed Name: Committee on Multilingual Library Services

Proposed Charge: To improve library services to multilingual patrons at the local and national levels.

The proposed name and charge were presented the RSS Board during RSS Board I at Annual in San Francisco and both were approved.

Just prior to Annual, a message was sent to RUSA Standards & Guidelines about what needs to happen to update the committee's guidelines in light of the new name and charge.  The update process will get rolling in July or August 2016.