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ACIG Annual 2015 - Jeremy Myntti, Anna Neatrour, Nate Cothran, Authority Control for Digital Collections

Jeremy Myntti (University of Utah), Anna Neatrour (University of Utah), and Nate Cothran (Backstage Library Works) talked about the University of Utah’s J. Willard Marriott Library work with Backstage Library Works to develop an automated solution for authority control in fields for digital library metadata to provide consistency and improve access to collections. An early version of this project was originally presented at ALA Annual 2013, and they have continued on to make improvements and refinements based on the initial work. They completed processing the metadata for several digital collections with Backstage. After this processing was completed, they started looking at ways to standardize the metadata values that Backstage was unable to match to an existing LC authority by using OpenRefine to add further improved values. This presentation showed the results from this project, including lessons learned and future directions for the project to prepare this metadata for a linked data environment.

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