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Report from ALA Annual 2015 San Francisco

LITA Library Consortia Automated Systems Interest Group

ALA Annual Meeting, Sunday, June 28, 2015, 10:30-11:30

Marriott Marquis, Yerba Buena Salon 10


Hilary Prisbylla of CLEVNET was elected vice chair.

After introductions, people talked about various issues of concern.

LMS migration continues to be of great interest.  Lots of people were somewhere in the RFP process for a new system.   Everyone is looking for the system that handles consortia needs the best.  Changes in ownership of the software vendor can make a big difference in support.

APIs are helpful on Symphony, making the need for direct SQL access less important.  A move to embedded ORACLE saved lots of money.

Security is a big issue for everyone.  Systems often are not secure enough when it comes to staff logins, and the ability for anyone to change to their account without a password once the system is logged in.  Security almost seems non-important or an afterthought for some vendors.  Many institutions now require strict security standards for systems.

Dealing with various browsers and various browser versions is a growing issue.  This has been true for a while on the public interface / catalog, but it is foreseen that this will be a growing issue for the staff login software as many systems are moving to Web-based staff login on browsers instead of installed desktop client systems.

Move to Web-based systems is also causing new issues for access to staff clients when staff users do not have adequate or fixed bandwidth for connecting.

Vendors do not seem to understand the importance of having a fully ADA client interface, for browsers and apps, nor do they seem to understand that ADA compliance and mobile response design for the public interface should be starting places for development instead of add-ons, afterthoughts, or not even in development.

Many consortia are continuing to deal with systems that have inadequate setup for managing holds in the system, especially when each library in the system may need differing rules to be followed for placing and filling hold requests.

Many consortia are investigating new front-end discovery pieces for their groups.

The need for systems for managing and sharing electronic resources continues to grow, with few viable options yet available.

(Thank you Steven Bowers for taking notes during the meeting.)


Steven K. Bowers's picture

You're welcome and thanks, Mary Ellen!