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Workaround for problem with the Council Sympa mailing list

FYI - Message from ITTS:

ITTS has confirmed a problem with messages being sent out from our ALA Council’s Sympa mailing list because of our spam blocking service. More information about this problem can be found on the ITTS News blog., but a fix is not expected to be implemented until sometime next week.

Until the problem is resolved, the best way for Council to communicate is via its ALA Connect group. We’ve turned on a new feature that lets you start a Connect discussion by sending an email rather than logging in to the website to post something. You can even attach a file to the email and it will get attached to the Connect discussion. This means you can use your Connect group the exact same way you use your mailing list.

To start a new Connect discussion via email, send a message to:


Note that by default, only members of the Council group in Connect can send to this email address, so it’s exactly the same as using your Sympa list.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about this.



Jenny Levine Strategy Guide American Library Association http://ala.org | (312) 280-2461 | @shifted Find me on ALA Connect @ http://connect.ala.org/user/jenny

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Thanks for the update and for the workaround! - Daniel

On Fri, Jul 10, 2015, 7:25 AM ALA Connect connect@ala.org> wrote:

Daniel Cornwall

Alaska Chapter Councilor

Member, Depository Library Council


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The workaround email address I sent to you earlier today does not seem to be working.  To post a message in ALAConnect, click on the triangle next to “Add New” and select “Discussion.”

Thank you,

Lois Ann