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C&RL Editorial Board Annual 2015 Meeting - Minutes

College & Research Libraries Editorial Board

ALA Annual Meeting
June 28, 2015
8:30 am - 10:00 am
HIL – Continental 8-9

Members present: Richard Fyffe (Chair), John Budd, Laura Bonella, Marta Deyrup, David Free (ex officio), Don Gilstrap, Lori Mestre, Sue Searing, Mark Shelton, Mark Stover

Guests present: Emily Ford, Kimberly Keeton

Announcements and Additions to the Agenda
Book review update (Shelton)

Introduction of the Editor-Designate (2015-16)
Free reported on the search process that resulted in the appointment of Wendi Arant Kaspar (Texas A&M University) as editor-designate of College & Research Libraries.

C&RL Report to the Publications Coordinating Committee
The report to PCC was shared with the editorial board prior to the meeting. Committee members discussed trends in submission of manuscripts and in the acceptance rate.

C&RL Social Media Program Update
Details of the social media program were included in the report to PCC and shared with the editorial board prior to the meeting. Free provided additional updates on the C&RL social media program and its relationship to the broader ACRL social media program.

C&RL Special Issue Update – Assessment in Action (March 2016)
An update on the progress toward the completion of the special issue was provided by e-mail prior to the meeting owing to projected difficulties in traveling between conference venues in San Francisco during the day of the meeting. Guest editors (Malenfant, et al.) have selected 7 articles for publication in the special issue from a pool of more than 20 proposals submitted. First drafts are due from authors by September 1, 2015.

Book Review Update
Shelton reported that the number of reviewers has increased by 45% since his appointment last year, and the areas of expertise they represent have broadened. His goal is to reduce the time between publication of the book and publication of the review, and he is working with publishers to identify the books he will receive for reviews. Board members discussed the possibility of conflict of interest between reviewers and authors, and Shelton noted that the only formal policy in this area is the one forbidding authors from reviewing their own books. One board member recommended that reviewers disclose any connection they might have to the author or publisher.

Midwinter 2016 – Confirmation of Virtual Meeting
The Midwinter 2016 editorial board meeting will be a virtual meeting that will take place in December 2015. Walter will confirm time and date later this summer.

The meeting adjourned at 9:15 am.