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My absence from ALA


I am finally getting around to explaining my absence from San Francisco. On June 25, 4 hours from my flight to SFO, my doctor put me into the hospital because of what I thought was a scratch on arm. Apparently, the scratch was infected (I thought the useless little infections on gets from a scratch or nick) and because I have a heart valve replacement, my cardiologist became concerned that the infection would travel to the valve. So I was put into the hospital for 6 days on intravenous antibotics. The infection has cleared up but the antibotics have completely wiped me out. This is one of the first days that I have felt well enough to get back to everyone.

I wish could have been then with you all but my admission from was quick that I was unable to contact anyone. I hope all went and everyone had a wonderful conference.

Most Sincerely