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LMC Meeting Minutes from ALA Annual in SF

LLAMA Membership Committee                      June 27, 2015


Attending:  Susan Baier, Brenna Helmstutler, Tiffany Baglier, Kat Barden, and Sally Bryant.   Meeting Minutes by Eric Shoaf

1. Update on Member Spotlight

Currently fifteen profiles online, with several added during this past year.  Susan commented that it was sometimes difficult to get people to respond.  Many expressed initial interest when asked, but then never got around to completing the questionnaire and sending it in.  Eric said he had similar difficulty, and perhaps a new way of targeting potential members may be useful.  All agreed that the Member Spotlight is a worthy addition to the website and should be continued.

2. LLAMA Social

The social was held at The Press Club, on Sunday at 6:30 pm.  These notes are from afterwards – although I arrived fashionably late there appeared to be a good turnout (maybe twenty-five remaining when I arrived but I heard that more had come earlier) and a lot of people stayed on after the 7:30 pm end time.  Those who stayed got a special treat in the form of free food left over from a buffet that wasn’t well-attended and we were asked by restaurant management to help out with the leftovers.  As such, the social is considered a success.

3. Discussion of Action items  

Eric began by noting that he started a new position at a different institution two weeks previous to the ALA annual meeting, and in the transition some emails were lost from those who had worked on the action items.  He apologized and asked for forbearance.

    1. Scholarship awards for new LLAMA members:  The discussion centered around how the specifics of a program like this might work.  One suggestion was to offer a first-year free membership with the awardee agreeing to serve on a committee in the second year.        Another idea was partial incentives over a number of years.  We need to develop parameters about how to select awardees, something more than just drawing names out of a hat.  Also would need to publicize to potential new members using listservs and social media.  Or design memes at the LLAMA Social.  Another idea to offer a discount to a conference pre-conference in the first year.  In any event, it will be necessary to send a proposal to the LLAMA Board with the suggestion and cost of the award as funding may be an issue.
    2. Outreach to specific groups/targeted marketing an provide members-only benefits: An initial email from Fred noted that this idea would result in lost revenue for the division.  Brenna will follow-up with others on the group to recapture other ideas. 
    3. Sponsor speaker at annual conference – big-name person:  Incoming LLAMA president       Jeff Steely sent a lengthy email noting that a big-name speaker might pull interest from the LLAMA President’s Program.  He suggested instead that LMC could co-sponsor the PP event with publicity on several levels and also helping out with the logistics of the event. This could begin with the program at ALA Annual in Orlando in June 2016.
    4. Reduce cost of webinars and/or offer one free per year to members:  group suggestions had been sent via email but were lost.  Sally offered to collect the emails from the working group and submit those to Kat for follow-up. 

4. Open Forum

Eric welcomed Kat Barden as incoming chair of the committee and noted that he had been a member or LMC or LMCC for four years.  He will be rotating to the LLAMA Leadership Development Committee.  Among the discussions for action in the new year:  A presence at the PLA conference in spring 2016?  Perhaps a banner for badge holders for co-LLAMA members such as given out at ALA meetings, or more swag like the Las Vegas poker chip or the finger puppets. 

Another idea is to give an award for entering a poster at the poster session with some sort of special recognition or cash award.

There was also discussion of having some sort of LLAMA representation at state-level library association meetings.  This has been on the agenda previously, and can be difficult to follow-up because of uncertainty on how to represent all states.  Eric mentioned perhaps focusing on largest/most populous areas.  The idea was tabled for the moment.


Meeting adjourned.