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Minutes from 26 June GIC Meeting at ALA Annual +

Hi, Everyone:


Thanks for your continued efforts.  Attached are the minutes from our meeting at Annual.


In addition, once again, here's a message from Susanne Caro regarding a call for participation in the FDLP GIC Webinar.  Connie and I encourage you to consider contributing something to one of these efforts:


We are looking for individuals who are interested in sharing their knowledge of age-appropriate Government Documents with other librarians. FDLP is interested in adding webinars on this subject to the FDLP academy.  You can focus on a subject, grade or even how to market these materials to teachers and students. Depending on the level of interest we can have a series of presentations.
I you are interested please contact Susanne.caro@umontana.edu

Thanks again!
(P.S. I love the naturalization test!)


Feel free to contact Connie or me with questions, ideas, etc.


Thanks again.