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Membership Promotion Committee, Annual 2015 report

by Barbara Pickell

Attached is the Membership Promotion Committee report. 

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Hi all,

I have actually gotten several colleagues to join this RT since joining myself last year.  One thing I have consistently heard is that there don't seem to be too many ways for new members to get involved, something I have noticed myself.  

Maybe we can address this as a group and the ALA meeting?  I would like to be more active in the group, but don't see a clear avenue for this.


Thanks for your time,



elissa mondschein

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Hey Elissa,


I'm sure that they will be happy to address this at the membership meeting, but I did want to mention that the News Committee that maintains the news blog (glbtrt.ala.org/news) always welcomes submissions, guest columns, or collaborative pieces. If anyone would like to get involved on that front or to learn more about it, they can shoot me an e-mail at johnmackfreeman@gmail.com.

-Mack F.