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Cathleen Bourdon-IL (staff)'s picture

2015 Annual Conference agenda


I'm attaching the agenda for our meeting at Annual Conference. Looking forward to seeing you in San Francisco.

Cathleen Bourdon, Staff Liaison

AC2015 PAC Agenda.docx28.28 KB
Lisa Jochelson's picture

Sadly, I'm not going to be able to make this conference.  It was supposed to be my last on this committee.  Thanks everyone, and it was great meeting you all.

Derrick Jefferson's picture

Hi all,

I'll be at the conference but I have a time conflict. I'm an Emerging Leader this year and the 101 session we've planned and organized for Learning Round Table is the same time as our committee meeting. While I'm eager to catch up and move forward for our committee work, I would also like to see the hard work our Emerging Leaders group come to fruition as well. Any advice on making this difficult choice? Thanks in advance.

Cathleen Bourdon-IL (staff)'s picture

Hi Derrick:

So many choices - so little time! Although we'll hate to miss seeing you at the Public Awareness meeting, I think that your work as an Emerging Leader trumps our meeting. 

Best wishes,


Derrick Jefferson's picture

Hi Cathleen, thanks for checking in. I'll certainly pay close attention to the minutes and notes from our meeting in lieu of missing it for our Emerging Leaders work. 

All the best,

Jodie Borgerding's picture

Unfortunately due to budget slashes at my university, I will be unable to attend ALA this year.

Gordon Baker's picture


Unfortunately, I also have a conflict and will miss my last meeting with the group.  If the conflict solves itself, please know I will be there.  Thanks for your leadership.