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2015 Annual meeting agenda / minutes for LegComm I and II

American Library Association

Committee on Legislation


Annual Meeting 2015

San Francisco, California


Government Information Subcommittee with

GODORT Legislation Committee

Agenda (LegComm I)


Saturday, June 27, 2015

1:00 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.

Hotel Nikko-Nikko BR 3


  • Welcome and Introductions
  • Competencies – 10 minutes

ALA core competencies looking to add suggestions for govdocs competencies. LegComm and GIS agreed to accept the additions to ALA core competencies to include govt information in the Information Sources, Organization of recorded knowledge and Reference and user services sections. Add new competencies to include the unique nature of govt information.  

  • Coalition Brainstorming meeting – 10 minutes

Planning to hold a brainstorming meeting. How to pull together diverse voices (particularly within ALA)? The thought is something like the Copyright alliance. How can we coordinate better within ALA?

The thought is to pick up the competencies thread, building on GPO’s training work. This would bring in GODORT, RUSA, PLA, ACRL, ALCTS.


“great way to get started,” “education is a common thread,” “GODORT already reaching out to school librarians with GOVDOCS4KIDS,”

“would like to also include a piece on advocacy”

Jessica will look for a space at midwinter

LegComm and preservation working group is working on a message of the value of govt info experts and preserving collections. Private sector reps on the working group are interested in both of these pieces – they see the value of govtinfo specialists (who buy their products) and preservation of collections (they may need to go back and re-digitize so may need physical copies).

  • FDLP Education Brief – 15 minutes

FDLP information sheet – to be handed out by ALA WO to staffers on the hill. This originally came out of GODORT (Thanks Jill Vasilakos-Long!). brought it to COL to have it adopted ALA wide.

COL deferred it to GIS.

Discussion ensued. Some editing occurred and Jill and others agreed to work on the document after the meeting. New title "Getting govt information to your constituents: the Federal Depository Library Program". 


  • GPO Update (Mary Alice Baish, GPO’s Superintendent of Documents) – 15 minutes

MAB and Cindy Etkin. Announcements:

FIPnet came out of the 2012 FDLP survey. NAPA wrote report about all the business units within GPO. Staff are now working to ingest panama canal commission reports into FDsys frorm UFL. They will have the GPO authentication symbol. After ingest, UFL will take down their copies and link instead to the authenticated versions in Fdsys.

LC almost finished digitizing bound historic congressional record. No timeframe yet.

LSCM is going to digitize the entire run of the Federal Register.

Cindy Etkin on FIPnet:

What is FIPnet and how does it relate to the FDLP? (www.gpo.gov/PreserveFedInfo)

David Wall: permanent public access doesn’t happen without preservation, and preservation needs to happen in collaboration. Map the landscape to build a patchwork quilt of preservation 

FIPnet is a strategic initiative. GPO is in the outreach phase.

Web harvesting a top priority.

  • NTIS – 10 minutes

Pending legislation that would cause harm to NTIS. Those forces are quiet. Dept of Commerce has done an internal assessment and review that isn’t public. NIST, NTIS’ managing unit within Commerce. The hope is for the negative buzz to just stay quiet.

  • Discuss any current resolutions

Anything happening on this front?

James brought forward a draft ALA resolution on fugitive government publications. The resolution was tabled and sent back to LegComm for more discussion.

  • Misc.


American Library Association

GODORT Legislation Committee


Annual Meeting 2015

San Francisco, California


Agenda (LegComm II)


Sunday, June 28, 2015

1:00- 2:00 pm

MAR-Pacific Suite C


Attendees: Bernadine Abbott Hoduski (chair), Frank Lester, Helen Sheehy, Kay Cassell, Brett Cloyd, James Jacobs

  • program for library school professors at midwinter 2016. Kay is working to put together a program for ALISE before ALA midwinter 2016. Debbie Rabina, Cass Hartnett and Helen Sheehy were suggested as possible people to present.


  • Goals of committee


  •  National Preservation of Government Publications Plan

 Discussed. A few issues which need to be added to the document. Still in draft stage and not ready for steering.

  • Papers on small depository libraries, staffing, and on processing govt publications

 Discussed. Idea to have a goals statement at the bottom of each so that the papers are not simply problem statements, but statements on goals and ideals surrounding each of these issues.



LegComm I and II agendas Annual 201556.14 KB