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Library Services for the Incarcerated and Detained

Saturday, June 27, 2015
8:30 am to 10:00 am, US/Pacific

Meeting of the members of the ASCLA Interest Group Library Services to the Incarcerated and Detained and of those who are curious.

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Hi, I am a new member and a MMLIS student and I am interested in getting involved with prison libraries.  I notice there hasn't been any activity in this community since 2015. Any reason? Thank you!

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Hello Calais

I see you have found the ASCLA Interest Group for Library Services to the Incarcerated and Detained.  Currently the Group is without a leader. But perhaps one of the members will reach out to you. The Interest Group also has a listserv that us a good way to communicate with members (Prison-L@lists.ala.org) To join the listserv go to http://lists.ala.org/sympa to search for the list Prison-L and follow the instructions to join. 

ASCLA is sponsoring an online course "The Prison Library as an Agent of Rehabilitative Change" from November 6 to December 15. There is a charge to register. If you are interested you can go to the ALA Online Learning Registration page 

To learn more about ASCLA and the many interest groups in the Division you can find a snapshot at The Member Center http://www.ala.org/ascla/members.  THe ASCLA 101 webcast / transcript, prepared by the Membership Committee gives a good overview. 

I hope you are able to learn more and touch base with prison librarians and to learn more about ASCLA.  

Jeannette Smithee
ASCLA President 2017-2018

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There is now  new leaders for the Library Service to Incarcerated and Detained.  Sarah Gebert and Kathleen Kluegel.  ALso past leader Diane Walden is coordinating a get together at Mid-winter. Here is her message. 

If you're headed to Denver for Midwinter, please let me know if you'd like to join a small group for a casual after-hours LSID gathering.  Everyone who responds by 1/31 will be included in choosing the day and time.  Reply here or email me directly: walden_d@cde.state.co.us

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Dear LSID Folks,Hi!! I am one of the new co-leaders of our group! - I am not able to go to Denver for MidWinter and am grateful to Diane for organizing a get-together. 

Because I work with inmates only through my volunteer work with C-U Books to Prisoners [www.books2prisoners.org] I do not have first-hand knowledge about the institutional issues of prison libraries.   I have read the recent archives of the prison-l listserv and saw the broad range of topics covered.  Are there additional issues or topics that you would like to see there?  The ASCLA-iglsid listserv is less active and I am wondering what the members of LSID think about that listserv and what we might do to make it more engaging.  In my work with B2P and in my own reading I come across articles on books and prisons and am wondering if iglsid would be a useful place to provide links to those articles.   Anytime between now and Annual, I would love to hear what you hope to get out of belonging to LSID and its associated listservs.   My email is kmkluegel@gmail.comThanks.
Kathleen KluegelKeystaff Volunteer, C-U Books to Prisoners
On Sun, Jan