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MARC Formats Transition Interest Group

Saturday, June 27, 2015
3:00 pm to 4:00 pm, US/Pacific

Roy Tennant
Ground Truthing MARC
"Ground truthing" is the verification of remote sensing data by direct observation. Over the last few years, OCLC Research has been doing the equivalent for MARC, by exposing exactly how various fields and subfields have been used by catalogers around the world and over time. Using the massive WorldCat database and modern cluster computing techniques, data is extracted, summarized, and reported, to better inform efforts to move this data into new formats and uses.

Roy Tennant is a Senior Program Officer with OCLC Research.

Terry Reese
MarcEdit Tools for Linked Data
Terry Reese will discuss how catalogers can track BIBFRAME developments and participate locally by beginning to add linked data concepts into their MARC data. Mr. Reese will show how to utilize MarcEdit's MARCNext Toolset or the MarcEdit LibHub plugin.

Terry Reese is the Head of Digital Initiatives at The Ohio State University and the developer of MarcEdit.

Carl Stahmer
A BIBFLOW Project Update
BIBFLOW is a two-year project of the UC Davis University Library and Zepheira, funded by IMLS. Its official title is “Reinventing Cataloging: Models for the Future of Library Operations” and it is investigating the future of library technical services, i.e., cataloging and related workflows, in light of modern technology infrastructure such as the Web and new data models and formats such as Resource Description and Access (RDA) and BIBFRAME, the new encoding and exchange format in development by the Library of Congress.

Carl Stahmer is the Director of Digital Scholarship at the University Library, University of California, Davis

Michelle Jeske
The Libhub initiative and Denver Public Library - Leading Libraries to the Web!
The Libhub Initiative aims to raise the visibility of Libraries on the Web by actively exploring the promise of BIBFRAME and Linked Data. Denver Public Library joined the Libhub Initiative as a Founding Partner and has served as its pioneer institution. Ms. Jeske will share DPL’s experience in exploring and implementing linked data and making DPL’s entire catalog available on the web!

Michelle Jeske is the City Librarian of Denver.